Rio de Janeiro: 5 novels set in our newest Olympic city


So, apart from being the latest Olympic host, what do we know about Rio? Well, it’s home to the world’s largest carnival, samba dancing, shanty towns, a really huge statue and the famous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches. It’s also the second most populated city in Brazil and has a buzzing beach culture. But as always, there’s a lot more to the city than what they tell you in the tourist brochures. We’ve found 5 novels that will transport you to the real Rio and especially recommend The Games, a suspenseful thriller set amongst the preparations for the world’s biggest sporting event. Get reading now to add a whole new dimension to your Olympic viewing: See full post

Barcelona: 5 novels set in your city break destination

Barcelona novels

With its miles of beaches, crazy architecture, quirky art and lively street life, Barcelona is a vibrant city with many stories to tell. Mediaeval mixes with modern and well known places such as La Rambla and the Boqueria market sit between shadier, more obscure streets and squares. A strong sense of history and a teeming passion for life make this city a wonderful setting for a novel.

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Amsterdam: 5 novels set in your city break destination

Amsterdam novels
If you like historical fiction, this is the city for you! Get ready for romance and intrigue in the Golden Age of Amsterdam with its elaborate waterways and tall, narrow buildings. Immerse yourself in the tulip fever of the 1600s or follow in the footsteps of the great artist, Rembrandt. However it’s not all dusty streets, clogs and strange headwear; we’ve also found some cracking modern-day crime thrillers and lighter reads. Here’s our top five… See full post

Venice: 5 novels set in your city break destination

Venice novels
This is a city with an intense atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. A day in Venice is worth a week elsewhere. It is packed with incredible buildings, jumbled together on either side of the Grand Canal. Landmarks such as St Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace and the church of Santa Maria della Salute are all steeped in history and the events and lives of the past. You absolutely know that there are a thousand stories hidden beneath the bridges, along the canals and inside the decaying palazzos and you wish that someone would write them down so you could lose yourself in this mysterious city all over again once you’re back home. Thankfully there are plenty of authors who have done just that.

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Berlin: 5 novels set in your city break destination

Berlin novels
A city with a turbulent past, Berlin is a fantastic place to set a novel. Full of memories and ghosts of bygone times, it lends itself particularly well to historical stories. Wartime action and adventure, political intrigue and of course romance. Iconic structures such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the haunting remains of the Berlin Wall exude a strong sense of the past.

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Paris: 5 novels set in your city break destination

Paris novels
Paris is a city of wide, leafy boulevards and narrower streets full of cafes and enticing boutiques. The river Seine winds its way amongst landmarks such as Notre-Dame cathedral, the Tuileries Gardens and the Orsay Museum. The Eiffel Tower stands tall and watches over the city, majestic by day and magical by night. The Moulin Rouge hints of the romance and glamour of the turn of the century. Paris has a rich history and a thriving modern life, both of which make it the perfect place in which to set a novel.

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Novels set in your city break destination

city break

A European city break is the perfect getaway at any time of year. Not too far and not too expensive, it enables you to wander through bustling streets and squares and explore quiet, tucked away corners. And of course you get to partake in the ultimate outdoor pastime, relaxing at a pavement café with a coffee and a good book. All in a warm haze of blue sky and sunshine.

To help you choose what to read with your croissant/cannoli/puffel we’ve put together mini lists of novels set in some of the most popular European city destinations. Get reading before you travel and immerse yourself in stories from the streets you’re about to explore for real.

Keep an eye out for our first city list coming soon…

…and here they are:


A Himalayan adventure

Aerial view of the Himalayas
If you’re watching ‘Walking the Himalayas’ on Channel Four you’ll know that Levison Wood and his guide Malang have a tough journey ahead of them through the beautiful and mysterious mountains of the Himalayas, where life is harsh and the communities are remote and isolated.

At Yonndr we have a whole bunch of novels set in the countries they are trekking through. So you can explore these magnificent lands from the safety of a book and leave it to Levison to eat the eyeballs and contend with altitude sickness. Here’s a taster: See full post